Toy Story 4 – Four Things I Love About This Movie

This is the first time we are reviewing a movie on my blog and I am so excited. There is no better movie to start with Toy Story 4!

This was a movie where our whole family had eagerly anticipated, other than the Avengers Endgame of course! Toy Story 1 to 3 came along when Big and Small Brothers were not even born! Therefore, Old Brother had to explain to them what had happen prior to this movie. I wonder if they catch any ball, but even if you had not caught any of the previous one, you can still catch on pretty fast.

1. It Brings Back Memories

The movie started off on a truly emotional note, with “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” playing in the background to squeeze out all the emotions from the goodwill produced by the previous editions.

The movie brings back all the old favourites, although most of them like Mr Potato or Piggy had very little screen time. It is after all still Woody’s and Buzz Lightyear’s show. However, they brought back Bo Peep, a character I barely remember! However, by the end of the show, she had become my favourite.

2. It Teaches Important Values

What I like about these Pixar movies, is that they always tend to teach children important things like friendship, grit, morale, or even cultures. Woody is a character who will do Whatever It Takes (Looking at you Avengers!) to protect his friends, regardless if they are old or new friends.

Woody had to explain to his new friend, Forky a newly created toy made from thrash by the toy’s owner that he is not a thrash! Even though Woody barely knew Forky, he held nothing back to make Forky feel good about himself! I wish I had such a friend.

3. It Taught Grit

Why I love Bo Peep so much is due to her grit and determination to make the most of her situation despite her unfortunate circumstances. As long as one remains positive, life can still enjoyable and a hell of a ride. Procrastination and focusing on the past can only drag you down.

Bo Peep brings so much to the people around her, including Woody and it is hard not to be infected by her tenacity. She was abandoned and freaking had a broken arm but she just tape it up and just got on with life! That is one tough lady my friend.

4. Love and Decisions Bring Tears

Pixar always manages to even the toughest grown man cry. Only a good storyline with wonderful build up will be able to do that.

In Toy Story 4, Woody had to make many a few major decisions in his life. All the decisions he made had been out of love, but they are difficult decisions nonetheless. He is the most selfless character I had ever seen in any Pixar movies, where he always think of others first before himself.

How many people in the real world can be like him? This is the Woody we had came to love and respect, and by the time Toy Story 4 came around, we were reminded of his always selfless ways, and why all the other toys around him embrace him so much.

The Brothers totally enjoy the amazing Toy Story 4 and I highly recommend parents to bring their children to watch it. I can assure you will not regret it. However, Coco is still my favourite Pixar movie though.

The Brothers give is 4/5 stars! Find out more about the movie here.

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