The Bicentennial Experience – Simply Breathtaking

To be frank, we did not know that there is a Singapore Bicentennial Experience happening in Fort Canning. We just read from the Little Day Out Blog that a new children’s park had opened at Fort Canning Park.

It is called Jubilee Park. a nature playground where kids gets to engage in play equipments that seamlessly blends with the wonderful natural environment art Fort Canning.

When we had reached there, there were so many signs pointing us to the Bicentennial Experience. It is an exhibition to celebrate Singapore’s 200 years existence since 1819, when Mr Sir Stamford Raffles found our tiny island.

Big Sister then decided that we should skip the playground first and proceed to engage in the experience. It is a decision Big and Small Brother dreads…. you know, when children saw a playground, you can hardly stop them….

But it was a decision that was totally memorable and as the title mention… breathtaking….

Waiting for the Singapore Bicentennial Experience

As we did not book a slot online before hand, we have to wait a little bit before we can hop onto the experience. Thankfully, there is a cartoon playing in the waiting area to pacify the impatient little ones.

Looking at the turnout, I had a feeling that this is gonna be good!

The Three Brothers Hand

Me, the Old Brother also doing my part to keep the Brother’s spirits high. Children can be so impatient… especially going past a playground that they could not jump into… yet. Hang in there, we will go play after this!

the Singapore Bicentennial Experience queue

Finally, they were calling for Group C to start queuing up! Big Brother exclaims with excitement and dragged us to the queue. Finally it’s gonna be our turn. Woo hoo! Let’s hope it’s worth the wait.

They Made the Rain Go Reverse!

The Rain Go Reverse

They heard that the Bicentennial Experience will be split into many chapters, each happening in each room. They really set our expectations really high in the very first room. The organisers made it rain in reverse mode. Most visitors open their mouth in awe!

Brothers staring in awe

The brothers focusing attentively to the special effects in the dark.

They perform on a treadmill?

This is certainly a first. The performers keep walking on a treadmill-like stage and passionately act out their parts while walking non-stop. Combined with the amazing 3D background visuals, just this chapter alone is worth the trip!

A photo does not do it justice! Therefore, Old Brother upload a short video to give you an idea how amazing it is! The Brothers were all mesmerised!

Teleported To A Bomb Shelter

Fort canning bomb shelter

The Singapore Bicentennial Experience would not be complete without getting a feel of what Singaporeans went through during the most difficult period: The Japanese Occupation, where residents had to experience constant bombings from the Japanese soldiers.

An Emotional Story

One of our favourite parts is a story about one of a Singaporean who was brought to the river bank about to be executed but miraculously survived by hiding underneath the river. He lived to tell his account of the story that gave us goosebumps!

These forefathers are the ones whom sacrifice to help shape Singapore to what it is today, a comfortable Singapore where our biggest worry is the weather. Nothing compared to what they have to go through!

Let It Rain

In the final act, the staff gave each of us an umbrella. We were confused? Is the ceiling leaking? Or are we going outdoor where it is raining?

It turns out they saved the best for the last! The final chapter of the show consists of real man-made rain and huge LED screen to simulate the journey we went through in the previous acts, cleverly summarising the story of how our Singapore emerged through the contributions of ordinary folks.

It is an fun experience! The rain was such a surprise and it totally symbolise the hardship our forefathers had to go through in the difficult years.

After the whole Bicentennial Experience, we are now more thankful for the things we had taken for granted in the past… like clean water, a comfortable place to live, or even free WIFI in the Starbucks Cafe where I am writing this.

It is an amazing experience, especially for today’s generation, where many hardly experience any hardship to learn about the contributions by the past and present.

The show will run from June to Sept this year. Click here to read more about the exhibition and book your slot today!

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