The Running Shoes That Saved My Life | Hoka Arahi 3 Review After 1000km

I was physically and mentally beaten and really want to gain my health back after being unhealthy for years.

After a wake-up call from multiple health crisis, I was very determined to finally take action.

My initial path to running was far from smooth. Multiple injuries occur, most notably the plantar fasciitis. My flat feet and overpronation were giving me a lot of problems.

I was desperate to find solutions for my pain so that I can keep on running. That is when I came across the Hoka Arahi 3 and I never looked back since.

This is the only model of shoe that I had bought twice without regret.

Today, I am a happy and pain-free runner all thanks to Hoka Arahi 3. Therefore, I would love to share with all of you my review of the Arahi 3 after clocking more than 1000km in it.

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