Starting A Running Youtube Channel at 36

I Finally Did My First Video!

Above is my first ever Running Youtube video! I finally did it!

I always like doing videos and of course running. Now that since I am finally running consistently, why not I combine both things I loved and showcase it to the world?

I through Youtube and follow numerous Running Youtubers. Did a bit of research on how they normally do their running videos. It was certainly an eye-opener. Basically, different people have different styles of presenting their videos to their audience.

Some do it in the form of instructional, like “How To Run Your First Race?” while some do in like a daily running vlog. So which direction should I go?

How Should I Present My Running Videos?

What I had learnt about going ahead and do things is not to overthink. Just get the thing going, put it up and slowly improve, improvise and clarity will prevail. Moreover, it is something I enjoy doing.

I am not an elite runner, just a recreational runner. Running had changed my life. I just hope to share with folks all over the world how running has benefited me mentally and physically.

I think I shall present my videos in a more light-hearted way, and inspire more people to take up running as a hobby.

I went ahead to purchase a GoPro 7 Hero Black and start my time as a running vlogger on Youtube.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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