Singapore Kindness Run 2019

This is my first official competitive run in many years. A few years ago when I was actively running, I used to take part in Singapore’s road races, like the Standard Chartered Run and Sundown Run. However, over the past few years, I was bogged down with work and of course, my personal health issues.

Now, having been actively running again since May, and thanks to the encouragement of Big Sister, I decided to take part in this 10km run, organised by the Singapore Kindness Movement. I am more than happy to support their cause, which is to promote kindness in our society.

So Excited I Could Not Sleep

I had been running so much over the past few weeks, then my weekly mileage reached a high of 80km. I did hill training, interval training, long runs of up to 25km and many other variations that can help me improve my speed.

As this was my first race in many years, I was bubbling with excitement, thus could not sleep well. Woke up at 4+am to prepare as the race flag off was 7am. The singlet they provide was well designed and cute. I love the number that was allocated on my bib. Let’s go!

The location is at the Singapore Sports Hub. This will be the first time I am running in our National Stadium, and this double-up my excitement. When I reach around 6+am, there was already a queue to enter the stadium. I can’t wait to enter!

The Spectacular National Stadium

When I finally manage to enter, I was reminded of how spectacular the National Stadium is. It has been years since I last entered the stadium to watch the National Day Parade. Got a quick selfie before I made my way down the stairs to prepare.

I took a few more pictures before our eventual flag off. Based on the competitive races I had participated in the past, the crowd was considered small. I think there were around 2000-3000 runners.

After a short warm-up and slight delay, we finally flag off at 7.15am.

10km, Here We Go

Thanks to Singapore Kindness Movement for these awesome pictures of me running. I was aiming for a sub-50min time, something I had not achieved since 2013. As I was training really hard for the past few days, my legs were still sore. However, I was confident in achieving my target as I just recently ran 23.33min for a 5km trial run.

For the first km, I ran too fast due to the excitement and influence by the hordes of people accelerating from the get-go. It sort of messed up my pacing, but I manage to slow down to compensate for it.

The route of the run was a place I had run so many times before, around the Sports Hub and along the Kallang River. I love the scenic views but during the run, I was disappointed by the lack of distance markers. Had I not wore my GPS watch, I will not be able to know how much of the race I had completed.

In summary, the race was well organised, and not overly crowded. There was no lack of water at strategic points and most of the volunteers were encouraging runners.

The finishing medal was a replica of Singa, the Kindness Movement mascot. It was cute and made me smile.

I’m glad I was able to finish strong and completed the run in 49.22mins. I was happy that I manage to hit my target, but I felt I could have done better if I had rest properly before the race.

A few days later, they released the results and I am glad I finished in the top 40. Hope to aim for a sub-45min in the near future.

Overall, it was an enjoyable time back to racing again.

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