Sheng Siong Supermarket At Jurong West

Our family are always on the lookout for nice grocery places in the west side of Singapore. We love spacious places to do our shopping, especially at a location where we can get almost anything we want. Sheng Siong Supermarket at Jurong West provides such an avenue.

Sheng Siong Supermarket 01

This Sheng Siong branch is easily accessible for those with cars but difficult to come in via public transport. We can easily park right in front of the supermarket, which makes loading up your purchase into your car a breeze.

There are quite a number of products unique to Sheng Siong where we could not find at other major supermarkets. The produce and vegetables are all competitively priced where consumers can save quite a bit. There is also a huge coffee shop beside the supermarket for customers who are hungry and want a quick bite.

Sheng Siong also regularly entice customers to return with their regular TV shows, lucky draws where one can win big prizes in front of live audiences. The only qualm is the expensive parking. Overall, it is a comfortable place to stock up your dailt needs.

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