School Principle LOST 150 POUNDS Thanks To Running | Runterview Ep 2 – Gerald Schattle

In this episode of Runterview, I have the pleasure to invite Gerald Schattle, a school principal from Houston USA to share his inspiring weight loss journey, where he shed 150 pounds in 2 years.

He was previously featured on Runner’s World and Fox Houston, where he shared his weight loss transformation story to inspire others to take control of their health as well.

He started his weight loss journey in January 2018, when he was finally sick of being fat and unhealthy. Through a healthy diet eating and consistent running, he manages to shed 150 pounds to date.

He had also completed 3 marathons since, improving his timing significantly each time. He will also be running his first-ever ultra marathon in a week’s time.

This is his transformation story and some tips on those who wish to embark on the same journey.

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