Road Safety Community Park At East Coast Park

Recently, I was hooked to running at East Coast Park. Many time, I will run pass the Road Safety Community Park. I decided to finally stop and pay a visit to the place that holds a few fond memories of my younger years.

The last time I visited this place was during my primary school days, where we came here to learn about road safety. I was happy that this place is still very well maintained and they had added a few nice things.

Above is a nice mini replica of the shell station.

Children can learn the importance of road safety in this well simulated mini roads. There are road landmarks like traffic lights, zebra crossings and many more. Once they had this knowledge, this will ensure their well being on the roads. When not in operations, it is open to the public to visit and use.

This Tan Chong Bridge of Safety still holds up well after so many years of use. Makes me feel like yesterday during my childhood years.

And of course, one can finish off the visit with a walk by the seaside. By the older I get, the more I appreciate the wonders of the natural elements like the sea. They always have the ability to improve my anxiety issues and offer me a sense of calmness like no other.

Introvert Meter: [usr 4 img=”11.png” size=20] ==> Good place to hang out alone and get a sense of nostagia.

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