Ran more than 300km In June!

Well well, it has really been crazy over the past few months. With the COVID-19 virus in full swing in Singapore and all over the world, myself and the rest of my fellow countrymen were subject to a mini lockdown, in what we called the Circuit Breaker.

Lucky still can run

Runners in Singapore were thankful that we were allowed to keep on running, as long as we abide by the safety rules. I am really glad to still be able to clock so many miles, despite my mind being occupied with loads of other stuff, including of course… livelihood…

During difficult times, it was the running that keeps me sane, keeps me going… and now, I have my Youtube Channel to distract me too! Really love doing running related content and hearing all the feedbacks from runners all over the world makes me just so so happy!

Finally more than 300 happy hours

Finally, I had broken the 300km mark for the first time since January, and for the third time since I started actively running. Talk about consistency! Yeah!!

It is interesting that I had gained a bit of weight during this period, but do not felt heavier. Hopefully, it is the muscle weight gain instead of some of the binge eating while stuck at home.

June also marks the month I had broken my own Half Marathon personal best, something of a huge surprise for me considering the lack of structured and speed training over the past weeks. It really seemed like the strength routine I had implemented had worked to some extent…damm the jumping lunges…. someone should ban them!!

Then, we got “released” in Phase 2 of the Circuit Break and the elections was announced! Talk about being Breathless! So much things are just happening right now. I as an Introvert will watch, adapt and of course run while the world continue to revolve and change around me.

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