Parkrun Singapore Location and video!

I love Parkruns! That’s why today, I am writing this to introduce to you guys what Parkrun Singapore is all about.

Parkrun Singapore

What is Parkrun?

Parkrun originate from the UK, with their first-ever event held in Bushy Park, England in October 2004. It is a weekly Saturday timed 5km running event entirely managed by volunteers, and free for everyone all over the world to join!

Since then, it has become a global phenomenon, spanning across 20 countries and more 3 million participants including running legends like Andrew Baddeley, and Olympic gold medallist like Mo Farah.

Parkrun is all about inclusiveness and wellbeing. Parkruns take place in pleasant parkland surroundings around the globe where people of any running ability are encouraged to participate.

What can I find Parkrun in Singapore?

I had the privilege to have participated in all the Parkruns in Singapore and happily recorded my experience in all 4 locations. Below are the videos of the awesome events.

East Coast Park Parkrun

What more can I say about East Coast Park that Singaporeans don’t already know? This is by far the most popular park in Singapore, with tourists all over the world often coming over to run along the amazing coastline.

Therefore, visitors will surely come across numerous local running groups and professional athletes as this park is the favourite playground for the majority of runners who are looking to clock their weekly mileage. With the longest running coastline distance, runners training for marathons simply loves this place.

East Coast Park Parkrun was the first-ever Parkrun in Singapore and was also listed by The Guardian as the Top 10 World’s most scenic Parkrun route in the world!

Route Difficulty: If you would like to attempt a Personal Best in your 5km run, this completely flat and breezy route provides runners with the best chance to claim their throne and boast their stats on Strava!

Information of the East Coast Park Parkrun

West Coast Park Parkrun

This was my first ever experience of Parkrun in Singapore and I certainly had a blast! I was amazed by the enthusiasm of the selfless volunteers, from the race directors to the cheerleaders, who injected so much fun and energy into the weekly 5km event.

People are so friendly and runners are all grinning from ear to ear throughout the run. Touted as the “Play Centre Of The West”, West Coast Park Parkrun provide runners with awesome views throughout the route, where families and friends staying in the west of Singapore often come together to relax and have fun.

Route Difficulty: The route is mostly flat except for a section of up and down of a tunnel that runners have to tackle twice. Seasoned runners probably won’t feel the climb of that slope, but the slope will slow down most beginners.

Information of the West Coast Park Parkrun

Bishan Parkrun

Located in the centre of Singapore and right in the middle of the Bishan and Ang Mo Kio Neighbourhood, the Bishan Parkrun is the most accessible location to most locals. It provides a unique experience compared to the other locations.

Runners have the chance to run along with the local community and experience the Singapore way of life in the Park. This is one Park that lots of Singapore families, exercise groups and students often gather for picnics, workout or just chill! You probably have the best chance to spot the Otters here!

Route Difficulty: Another flat route that provides runners with a great chance for a 5km Personal Best timing. The spectacular views of the park and man-made lake make the challenge so much more enjoyable.

Information of the Bishan Park Parkrun

Bedok Reservoir Parkrun

The new kid in the block in this list is Bedok Reservoir Parkrun. It was launched in December 2019 to much fanfare and excitement. This neighbourhood location might be foreign to tourists but is easily one of the top favourite training location frequent by some of the top athletes and causal runners in Singapore.

Breezy, scenic and spectacular, one might not be able to believe that this location is actually a reservoir that is integrated to become such an amazing park that provides the perfect ambience for a satisfying workout. And just like the Bishan Park Parkrun, this is an extremely popular recreation and workout location for the locals staying in the east.

Route Difficulty: By far the toughest 5km route among the 4 Parkruns in Singapore. Although the route is relatively flat with spectacular views, runners have to run on gravel on most parts, which makes your legs work harder and thus more challenging to claim a Personal Best.

Information of the Bedok Reservoir Parkrun

When Does Parkrun Singapore Happen And How Do I Join?

Photo from Parkrun Singapore FB Page

Parkruns in Singapore happens every Saturday at 7.30am and is free to all to join. However, you will need to register for an account at and print out your unique Barcode to register your timing at the end of the run.

Follow their respective Facebook pages for updates as there could be occasions where the races might be cancelled due to bad weather.

And did I say that you only need to register once! Armed with the Barcode, you are able to race in Parkruns happening all over the world! Just remember to approach the friendly timekeeper to scan your Barcode.

Be A Parkrun Singapore Volunteer

Parkrun Volunteers

If you have time and like to join the awesome volunteers to do your park, Parkrun Singapore will be more than happy to welcome you.

As the running event is managed entirely by volunteers, there are occasions where they could be short-handed. Just drop them a message on Facebook and they will be able to provide you with more details.

So what are you waiting for? Register today and be part of Parkrun today!

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