My Top 3 Most Used Free Digital Tools in 2019

1. Canva

This free graphic design tools is definitely my most go to tool over the past 10 years. I used it to design anything from social media postings, namecards, brochures and much much more. This free tool comes with hundreds of free templates, which make designing anything a breeze! No photoshop, no problem!

2. Grammarly

Worried about making a fool of yourself due to all the typos you might make? Grammarly, the amazing English correction tool will save your life. It definitely has saved me a lot of marks on my school research papers. Never… ever get a spelling wrong again!

3. Trello

If you are a horribly unorganised person like me, do consider Trello! You can do whatever type of lists you need regardless of your agenda, from work, personal life and even a training plan. Due to the simplicity of it and the extreme power it pack, I had ditch my excel lists for this cute little listing tool!

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