Mok Ying Rong Teaches Me A Lesson – Runterview Ep 3

Mok Ying Rong is easily one of the most dominant runners in Singapore at the moment. Holding a half marathon personal best of 1:23:16, she is also the defending champion of the past 3 editions of the Great Eastern Half Marathon Women’s Run.

The Senior Physiotherapist is also a young lady wearing multiple hats. Other than competing regularly in the local scene, she also runs her own physiotherapy clinic, where she often helps fellow runners improve their running gait.

In this episode, Ying Rong talked about her milestones and setbacks in her running journey. She also candidly shared about her relationship with her brother, Mok Ying Ren and whether there is any sibling rivalry between them.

Last but not least, she shares some running tips for our viewers on how to run faster and safer.

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