Kindsville Holiday Party @ Safra Jurong Kidz Amaze

Thanks to Super Sister, the Brothers were invited to the amazing Kindsville Holiday Party by Singapore Kindness Movement. What is better is that it is held in the Kidz Amaze Playground @ SAFRA Jurong!

The brothers love that playground and can’t to go crazy over there! We heard there will be lots of goodies up for grabs too.

The Brothers doing their customary poses upon reaching any places, boiling with exciting and can’t wait to rush through the entrace.

We then changed into the Kindness game T-Shirt, which is an wonderful touch of red. Attended the instructions briefing before we kick off the clue searching game, and there will be a reward at the end of it! Awesome!

Should have expected this…. instead of helping us solving the blues, Big and Small Brother assume all the clues are in this ball pit and would not get out!! Of course there is none!! Oei, help leh!!

Old Brother wants to look for clues to get the goodie bag, but Small Brother keep insisting me to accompany him play. Ouch my back! So squeezy man.. Haizz..

They are at the Ball Raining after of the Kidz Amaze Playground most of the time… I guess waiting for the clues to drop down from the sky… wait long long..

A chance to take our family selfie anywhere we go!

And thanks to the efforts the adults, the children who put in no effort at all GET THE REWARDS!!! ARGH! Unfair!

Singapore Kindness Movement are really kind to prepare an asumpsous buffet lunch for everyone. After a crazy workout at the playground, this is what we need.

Big Sister ensuring the Brothers finish up all their food and not mess up the place.

And what better, to pose for a photo with Singapore’s Kindness Mascot, our very own Singa! Looking good brother!

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