IPPT From Fail to Gold | How I Did It

Yesterday, I went for my IPPT test and finally got GOLD 🏅 for the first time in my life!! 🎉 From failing and attending remedial training, that was a time I was super depressed. Really delighted with my improving health and I wish to share with you guys on how I did it.

Improvement does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of sweat, hard work and determination to finally achieve your goal. Yearly IPPT tests are a good way to ensure we keep ourselves fit and healthy.. to avoid the dreaded RT of course. 😄

It is time to learn how to love yourself more and start focusing on being healthy. You will definitely feel happier. If you haven’t started working out, now is the best time to do so since the haze is gone for now. Hope this video helps you. Never give up guys!

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