I Ran a Half Marathon In A Mall | Vivocity | Where To Run During Haze Pollution

I was desperate for a long-run. However, it is the Hazy Season in my country, Singapore. The forest burning in Indonesia and unfavourable winds result in the country being clouded with smoke.

We were advised not to run outdoors when the haze reached elevated levels. Of course, an alternative is the treadmills. Having run on it for the past few days, I really hate running on hamster mode.

I have this idea of running in a mall after I saw someone did the same in a mall in Malaysia. Therefore, I was thinking, why not I do the same too in Singapore?

I am a running addict, I cannot do without running. Desperate time call for desperate measures. I choose to run in Vivocity, Singapore largest mall during the early hours. Shops are closed, crowd is absent and importantly, the Air-Con is on. If I have to do a half marathon and run 21km indoors, this is it.

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