HOW THIS RUNNER BEAT CANCER | Katherin Meganis | Runterview Ep 5

Katherin Meganis was young and healthy when she came to Singapore to work in 2008. However, her world came crashing down when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 3 years ago.

Despite the illness, she will herself to remain positive, believing that with a positive mindset and strong willpower to live, she is able to overcome anything.

Thanks to her love for life and determination to beat cancer, she took serious action at protecting herself by being consistently active, with running and other workouts becoming part of her daily routine since her diagnosis.

She also started eating healthy and became a vegan as part of her recovery to improve her chances of surviving the disease. Throughout the process of battling with cancer, she never forgot to remember to smile every single day to celebrate life.

Here is her story of How She Beat Cancer. I hope this light-hearted cancer motivation video will be able to help anyone battling chronic diseases to stay positive and keep on fighting!

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