How Running helped him – From FLAB TO FAB – Max Tay | Runterview EP 4

Max has been neglecting his health for years, eating as and when he wanted. Since he was young, all the way up until in his 40s, he has hardly exercised. His awakening moment is at his most unhealthy state, whenever he finishes his meals and laying on the couch, he will always felt breathless.

He weighs 103kg then. His wife was extremely worried and urge him to finally take control of his health before it is too late. That is when he started to take baby steps to make walking and running part of his daily routine.

Because of his consistency and desire to have more quality time with his family, he manages to lose a grand total 25kg of weight thanks to hours and hours of running.

Today, he is healthier and more confident than ever all thanks to running. Here is the weight loss journey of from Flab to Fab.

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