Great Place to Work And Heal At The Same Time

As a person with social anxiety, I am always on the lookout for places where I can work, relax and stay anonymous at the same time. Things has not been too good for me for the past few months. This was until I start to frequent East Coast Park for my work and run.

Whenever I work outdoors, my go-to is usually a Starbucks outlet. This is due to their availability of charging ports of Wifi. However, most of them in Singapore are usually very crowded and not really conducive.

This is until I’ve found a Starbucks that is staring right in front of the sea and I started to park my butts there for my affiliate marketing work.

This Starbucks branch is heaven to me. Due to its secluded location, it is rarely crowded on weekdays. I became more efficient in my work as I look forward to walking the beaches whenever I feel exhausted.

The branch is located at a quieter stretch of East Coast Park called Parkland Green and seem to enjoy my Starbucks coffee even more here than any other places.

It is great to work with just my laptop. This means I can work from anywhere I wish, and presently, in my opinion, there is no better place to work than in front of the sea…

The healing effects of the depressive symptoms were great. People who are in a depressive state do stare a lot at nothingness. We often have no energy to do anything and the brain just lose interest at anything, no matter how interesting they are.

The Old Brother me might have stumbled upon something, I loosely called Sea Therapy. If you just have to stare at something pointlessly, why not the sea? I gave nature a shot and it seem to give me the calm I have not felt for a long long time.

Ever since I camped here to work, alternating between Starbucks and the sea, I felt I had healed significantly. This is simply a paradise for someone who loves the sea and of course, running.

I started to appreciate the beauty of nature again… the calmness, the laughter of people… old couples sitting at the benches enjoying their twilight years. The meaning in life seemed to creep back.

There was no need for any special mediation routines. Just stay silent and do my best to heal.

It is great that shower facilities are available at East Coast Park. I can go for my run, take a great bath and go right back to work again.

I hope everyone who is facing struggles of any sort will be able to find your healing personal spot, stay away from the triggers, recharge and have a go at life again.

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