Got a Personal Best for 5k Run Today

I have not taken running seriously for a number of years now. Started to really step up a notch over the past few months and finally got my lifetime personal best timing for a 5k run in 23.33mins.

The last time I ran this fast was sometime around 2013, where I manage to go under 24 minutes for 5k run. So to finally got a new record 6 years later… really feels like coming a full circle, especially after so many setbacks from my mental health, chronic tonsilitis and Plantar Fasciitis.

Over the years, I had treatments, a tonsil surgery and lots of feet self-care to finally run pain-free. Running is my cure to anything depressing.. as long as I can run, I felt empowered to overcome anything obstacle that comes my way.

Today marks 2 full months of serious training and I continue to break my personal boundary. Next up, I will be aiming for sub 22 minutes for my 5k run and sub 48 minutes for 10k in 2 months time.

Let’s go!

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