Genting Highlands Resorts World Visit – Day 02

Finally, a fully day for us to enjoy the wonderful place of Genting Highlands.

We pose in front of an awesome restaurant with lots of crates in it.

Whenver we travel, we really EAT! Brothers really enjoyed the toast and eggs over there and Big Brother gives a thumbs up.

Ready to go for the cable car ride. Small brother is glad he gets to ride for free!

Here we go, in two separate cabins. Wheee….

Had a yummylicious meal at foot of the cable car station, where we visited some premium outlets and had a wonderful Thai meal.

Bubble tea anyone?

After furthur exploring, we realise we were more attractions in the Resorts World mall. First up, we went to the Dinosaur park filled with amazing replicas of the extinct reptiles.

Here, we visited Ripley’s Believe It or Not exhibition, where we pick up lots of information on ridiculous stuff happening around the globe.

Lastly, the Brothers visited the 3D museum where they took many hilarious shots of themselves in some sticky situations…

Finally after all the play, what is better than a wonderful shower, reading your favourite magazine and a good night rest in the hotel.

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