Genting Highlands Resorts World Visit – Day 01

We decide to embark on a crazy 6-hour drive from Singapore all the way to Genting Highlands Resorts World. By the time we reach there, I am so exhausted that I wanna go to the hotel and sleep…

But for the family, I must persist! We got a free room for the family, all thanks to my sister and my other family members who are travelling with us too.

Johor Pitstop Rest

Taking a Rest In Johor

Took a break in Johor from the driving for a quick lunch at a coffee shop.

Coffee Shop Selfie

Morale was high after a yummy lunch at a coffee shop. Now we are fuel charged and ready to drive on!

Finally Reached Genting

Posing at Carpark

Here we are, posing for a photo after finally reaching the hotel carpark. The exhausted me still have to be their photographer…. 😭 

Jumping on hotel bed

The one thing Big and Small Brother must do when reaching a new hotel is to test if the bed is durable enough for us to sleep on. If it can withstand their stomping, than it is safe for a good night rest. Jump jump jump!

Eating to our Fill

Genting Highlands Restaurant

Everyone is famished after such a long time on the road. We waste no time finding a great steamboat restaurant with awesome food.

Steamboat time

Big Brother wishes to spend more quality time with my immediate family members, some of whom he does not see often. So he chose to sit at their table instead and abandon us…

How sweet. The restaurant possess a mini playground for kids who are full and may potentially disturb still hungry diners like us. Burn your energy here boys!

Genting Highlands Selfie

Group photo after the meal and we are ready to kick off our holiday!

Kicking off the crazy fun

Genting Highlands Skytropolis Selfie

After shopping around, the Brothers insist on visiting Skytropolis, an indoor colourful theme park within the mall. We had done our homework at home and knew that this will be the highlight of the visit for the kids. Therefore, we waste no time in emptying our wallets….

There are literally every type of kiddy rides you can imagine. From bumber car, to carousel, arcade machines and many more. Of course there are the daredevil rides mostly for adults.

Resorts World Family Selfie

After a long day, shopping, eating and playing, the brothers are finally willing to call it a day. It was a good first day at Genting Highlands. Looking forward to a full day 2!

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