Free Running Clubs in Singapore

Although I had never joined a running club or may never join one due to me preferring to run solo, I did come across quite a few during running events in Singapore. They are always super friendly to fellow runners and it is heartwarming to see them cheering for me from time to time.

If you need extra motivation to stay consistent in your running journey, there is no harm joining one. I had compiled a list of active running clubs (that I know) that are free to join.

Asics Running Club


ASICS Running Club is an inclusive running group led by experienced runners. Weekly training programmes created by the runners, for the runners are designed with the intention of helping you achieve your personal fitness goals. With various training groups tailored to a runner’s specific needs, ARC promises exciting running sessions, optimised to help you reach your personal best.


Running Department

Running Department, launched on 1st July 2013 has set our self differently as “your not so usual” running club. Running Department aims to build and foster a running community that supports one another through ‘run-together’ and ‘train-together’ programmes as well as event-day pacers powered by the Running Department(RD) Crew.

Made up of runners for runners, Running Department comprises of like-minded and passionate crew from all walks of life, who have come together to embark on this community outreach programme.

We believe in running free, running fun and running happy! If you think you fit the bill, we look forward to you going the distance with us in the Running Department’s exciting running journey ahead.


New Balance Run Club Singapore

The NBRC identity is one that connects with the people of tomorrow by putting their body in motion. This is who we are. Put your body in motion. Run like you stole something. Move like you want. Jump like you’ll never die. We were born rebellious. We’re made to move. This is who we are. Weekly sessions at 7pm.


Coffee Tea Runners

The Running Club promotes fitness and health through running with the aim to care for the community and environment.



Inspired by Marvel’s X-Men, X-Runners believe that every runner is able to be a stronger version of himself/herself. If a person is looking to start running, X-Runners will motivate you. If you are looking to complete a marathon, X-Runners will achieve your goal with you. 

X-Runners is a fun-loving group with trainers and runners of varying levels, from beginner to elite runners, to motivate people to get moving, keep fit, run better and stronger and complete at least a marathon.


Pinoy-SG Runners

Founded in 20-Feb-2016 by Arnel Villamin. Originally, a running club of Filipinos residing/working in Singapore. It wasn’t long when membership is made open to Singaporeans and other nationalities who have the same passion or interest in running. PSR is for both newbie and seasoned runners.


Team Pink Apple Runners


A group of passionate pacers who train runners to achieve personal best timing


Superhero Runners

Local running club in Singapore aims to connect and empower a community of runners through fun and engaging training program.

To encourage and motivate everyone to stay active and lead a healthy life and be strong!

There’s a Superhero inside each and everyone of us waiting to be unleashed!


Do let me know if you know of any other runnings clubs in Singapore and I will add them to the list here. Cheers and happy running!

Adidas Runners Singapore


Adidas Runners Singapore are part of a global movement that spans across 50 cities around the world with one goal – to become better: better runners, better athletes and, ultimately, better humans.

Their weekly sessions and monthly workshops offer members a progressive training programme ranging from strength to endurance to achieve their fitness goal at any stage of their fitness journey.

Garmin My Run

Garmin My Run

#GarminMyRun is a weekly running program that helps you make the most out of your Garmin device and optimise your entire running experience. Pace yourself with us to be more mindful on how you run and get connected to like-minded runners.
Simply bring along your running gear, Garmin device and enjoy the run.


Simple Run

Simple Run is a Singapore based running club. We conduct free training for our members and help them in achieving their goal for their marathons!

Simple Run aim to keep running simple by setting up multiple running groups in different region of Singapore. This is make run convenient for our members and they have options to run in different areas daily.


The High Panters

Courage, Friendship & Compassion. The 3 founding pillars of The High Panters (THP). The High Panters was born one balmy night, from a greater calling that demanded the Courage to push beyond our own physical and mental boundaries, the bonds of Friendship and the Compassion to serve humanity. We aim to raise funds/awareness/aid for various communities in need whilst marrying it with our love for various forms of physical activity and camaraderie.


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