Fort Siloso at Sentosa – Most Underrated Attraction?

Accompanied Big Sister to a visit to Sentosa for work. While she is running her errands, I took the chance to run around Sentosa for the first time. Having ran passed other attractions like the Merlion, Resorts World, Siloso Beach and many more, I ended up at the attraction in Sentosa that I had never visit before.

I end up at Fort Siloso! I heard about the Fort at the end of Siloso Beach but had never paid a visit. Therefore, the curious me decide to stop my run and do some exploration instead.

Before I was able to get to the majority of the fort displays, I will need to battle the steep stairs and slopes first. However, unlike traditional hiking trails, they were relatively short. After a short workout, I reached where most of the displays are.

Upon visit some of the Fort soldier rooms, there is some familiarity to it. It seemed like I had visited Fort Siloso during my childhood day, but certainly had very vague memories of it.

The human statues and artefacts are very well maintained. They even installed artificial winds in the rooms to simulate the real-life situation during those times.

Cannons, cannons everywhere! Lots of huge replica guns and bunkers within the quarter. It seemed like Singapore certainly lots of their big guns at Fort Siloso to deter intruder, but based on history, it did not seem to work.

And then, I discovered there is something called the Skywalk at Fort Siloso, which apparently is the main attraction at Fort Siloso.

After finally conquering the summit of Fort Siloso, I was rewarded with an amazing view of the island. The bird’s eye view of Siloso Beach is simply breathtaking. The Skywalk across the top of the forest is short but well worth the money… erm wait, the attraction is free?! That is why I said this is the most underrated attraction in Sentosa.

Even if you do not feel like climbing all the way to the summit, there is a life that will bring you straight up there… No prizes for guessing which option most tourists took.

Some folks who love hiking, there are short hiking trails for visitors to do more exploration while having a good workout at the same time.

Fort Siloso Information:

Read more about Fort Siloso at this link here.

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