Chinatown Singapore – 5 Things We Did

Big Sister had booked a craft workshop today at Chinatown and we took the opportunity to become tourists for the day at the culture-rich place. It’s been a long long time since we took the time to appreciate Chinatown. We did pass by a few times, but being the typical Singaporeans we are, the pace we moved passed Chinatown was always so fast and furious.

Being older and more mature had now enable us to appreciate more of the things we used to take for granted. Slowing down to finally take a good look, the place is really really beautiful.

1. Visit Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

We parked at a random carpark and the first thing we see is the symbolic Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It has been ages since we had entered the temple, I guess that could be more than a decade ago, but man, we are truly blown away at how well it was maintained.

From the glittering golden Buddhas and the amazing ceilings of golden lights, one cannot help but feel surreal at the amazing sights. The temple had not aged a single day. There were lots of well wishers and visitors who were just as in awe with us. We were really glad we had finally took time to appreciate the relics.

Selfies Around The Heritage Sites

Yes, we behaved just like any tourist despite being in our own country. We took many selfies with the spectacular heritage buildings as our background. From Olden colonol buildings to the Sri Mariamman Temple, they were all breathtaking landmarks and truly define the place.

3. First Visit to Chinatown Heritage Centre

To be frank, we did not even know the Chinatown Heritage Centre exists in the midst of the busy Chinatown… until we were attracted by the Samsui Women monuments in front of it! Loved the various cultural exhibits on show and they really brought back lots of memories. There is a paid tour which unfortunately we did not have the time for. We will definitely be back with the children after this.

4. There is a Tintin Shop in Chinatown?

Not a big fan of Tintin and had no memories of its comics. However, I know a lot of people all over the world love and adore Tintin. This explains why there are Tintin shops all over the world, including Singapore!

I have to say the huge statues and collectables are phenomenal. The shop is comfortable, well design and a dream for any Tintin fans. The shop was crowded around lunchtime, with lots of happy tourists making purchases

This shop is a wonderful bonus during our short visit. If we were fans, you will definitely see us purchase something before leaving.

5. Spotted Bruce Lee With A Durian!

Just in front of the food centre where we dine, there is this amazing wall mural of Bruce Lee, holding the King of Fruits, Mr Durian! Big Sister always have a soft spot for Durians. Imagine her delight as spotting the Legend holding her favourite fruit with gusto!

We really enjoyed our short trip here and I am sure there are lots of hidden gems in Singapore Chinatown waiting to be discovered.

We hope you guys do help support the Chinatown Heritage Centre by paying a visit, where you can learn a lot about our heritage. Click here to visit its website for more information.

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