Cold Storage Kids Run 2019 – Fun Fair in Disguise?

The Brothers were delighted to participate in their 2nd consecutive Cold Storage Kids Run in Singapore. So excited, they were up and ready very early in the morning and get all warm-up for the run ahead.

What a Carnival!


Brothers point us to the Cold Storage Kids Run starting point all thanks to the clear instructions by the organisers. They can’t wait to attend the carnival ahead.

Freebies Galore At The Cold Storage Kids Run

Run Freebies

Brothers getting some free drinks like Vitagen, milk and yogurt and fruits like bananas and apples to charge themselves up before the run kick off! Freebies Galore before the Cardio!

Inflatable Playground

Then, they spotted their favourite inflatable playground and made the mad rush there together with the other kids! I am not sure if they still have energy left for the run after this??..

Cold Storage Run Kiddy Rides

Now, I wonder if this is really a run or a fun fair in disguise! So much fun games including this animal ride! Big Brother chose a Zebra while small brother chose a red bear? I think so..

Gardenia Mascot

A giant bread Mascot from Gardenia walks by and the brothers could not resist stalking it for a photo!

Thumbs Up

Brothers finally start preparing for the Run after already burnt like a thousand calories already on the games. They gave us the thumbs up to indicate they are all ready to dominate the run.

Family Selfie at  Run

A routine family selfie before we kick off anything fun!

Cold Storage Run Kick Off

And off they go! And boy are they taking the run seriously! It’s the adults who are lagging behind!! Wait for Old Brother!!

Cold Storage Run Finish Line

And in a blink of an eye, we reached the finish line! Brothers could not be happier to reach the end due to the crazy scorching hot weather, something which the brothers took it in their stride.

Cold Storage Run Medals

And this is what we came for, the medal to signify our completion, another milestone the kids can brag to their friends.

When we asked how come adults don’t have a medal? They say this is a kids run… Only kids get a medal. Fair enough 🙂

Here is the link to their run page if you wishes to take part in future editions!

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