8 Things We Did At Jurong Lake Gardens

When we found out that the Jurong Lake Gardens was undergoing renovation many years ago, we did not think too much of it. After all, it could just be another of the regular parks you see in Singapore.

How wrong we were. After reading from the accounts of the first visitors, we knew this is not just any ordinary park. This is one heck of a Tourist Attraction that will give Botanic Gardens a run for its money.

Only kilometers from our home, the brothers could no longer stand the hype and rushed our way there on a crowded weekend! Here are the 10 Things We Did At The New Jurong Lake Gardens!

1. Take A Family Selfie Of Course

Jurong Lake Family Selfie

First thing we did is to take a family selfie with Grandma Aw tagging along. Man, I had jogged there on multiple occasions and was amazed on what Nparks had done to this place. It is simply phenomenal!

2. Dine In At The Only Restaurant There

We were so hungry upon reaching as we had not had our dinner yet. To ensure the brothers have enough energy for the rest of the visit, filling up the stomach is definitely our priority.

Fusion Spoon stands right smack in the middle of the wonderful nature gifted to us by our dear Park creators. It is not called a fusion restaurant for nothing. It sells anything from Fish and Chips to Hor Fan and much much more. Moreover, prices are affordable and the food is definitely better than the food courts.

3. Gaze at the Amazing Gardens Site

Looking at the Chinese Garden

Frankly, if anyone was at Jurong Lake Gardens for the first time, I bet they would have their mouth wide opened. Can they make living in the West of Singapore any better? At the rate we are going, we will make the Eastsiders jealous!

We keep gazing and gazing in awe. Jurong Lake Gardens, combine with the amazing structures at Chinese Garden is a sight hard to beat. It is enough to make any grown man CRY 😉

4. Challenge Ourselves at the Amazing Jurong Lake Playgrounds

As if the amazing sight was not enough to awe us, Nparks have to come up with a play area called Forest Ramble. Are you kidding me! They did not just build 1 or 2 play areas and called it a day. They FREAKING build tonnes of play challenges to potentially exhaust our kids to a maximum.

There were various challenges with different names attached to them. From Squirrel Play, Frog Play, Heron Play, Monkey Play, Frog Play, Otter Play and many many more just to name a few. All these play areas are inspired by the natural habitats of these animals and some unseen in any parts of Singapore!

5. Slither Our Way To The Iconic Snake Play Area

Snake Play Area

Yes, this was the reaction of Big Brother when he realise he was not going to a scolding for climbing up a tube in the playground! There is a freaking climbing tube there! Can this get any better?

Jurong Lake Gardens Snake Play

It was super crowded at the Snake Play area as it was by far the most popular attraction of the park. Despite this, the Brothers get to enjoy themselves climbing up and down the Snake Play with no signs of fatigue. RESPECT MAN.

6. Instil Brotherly Values

Brothers of Jurong Play
Brotherly Help

Everytime we bring the brothers out, we will do our best to quash any sibling rivalry and take every opportunity to ensure they love each other with all their heart.

As Big Brother is the elder one, he is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring Small Brother’s safety. Old Brother is a believer of practicing empathy from young. This is to mold the children into compassionate people who can contribute greatly to the society.

7. Take Instagram Worthy Photos at the Lake!

Jurong Lake Gardens Hill
The lalang field at Jurong Lake Gardens

Alert! For those people trying to achieve the perfect shots in Instagram, I am proud to say that Jurong Lake Gardens has so many Instagram worthy spots that we did not have time to capture them all.

The lalang field, the hilltop, the viewing deck, and rusty tracks and many many more! We will surely be back for more to gain more followers! Do like our Instagram page ok?

8. Play Our Hearts Out at The Man-Made Water Beach

Water Play
Water Beach

Who says we need to go to a beach to play sand and water? The Gardens compromise one an amazing area called Clusia Cove, where children can play their hearts out, building anything out of the sands with their boundless imagination!

Did I say the water they were playing in is cleansed by natural treatment methods using a water recycling system.

To sum it all out, the Brothers were so glad that Westsiders were gifted such a wonderful gift of a park in the Heartlands. Nparks has continue to amaze me, churning out one awesome park after another in Singapore. Kudos!

Here is the Link to Nparks website if you wishes to read more about the amazing park!

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