Well well, it has really been crazy over the past few months. With the COVID-19 virus in full swing in
Having been a road runner all my life, running on trails certainly provide a refreshing experience. If you run regularly,
Parkrun Singapore
I love Parkruns! That's why today, I am writing this to introduce to you guys what Parkrun Singapore is all
I did my first ever VO2 Max Test As you guys know, I am undergoing a Running Strength Research at
Although I had never joined a running club or may never join one due to me preferring to run solo,
Singapore favourite running route
If you are a runner in Singapore, you will be spoilt with the number of running routes available to satisfy
Haze Season Yes, it sounds crazy, but really, I was desperate for a long run. But the choking haze had
I Finally Did My First Video! Above is my first ever Running Youtube video! I finally did it! I always
This is my first official competitive run in many years. A few years ago when I was actively running, I
The pain was excruciating when I started to take running seriously again a few months ago. My left feet sore