Birthday Celebration At Swensen’s and School

Time really flies. In a blink of an eye, the Old Brother me has been a parent for 6 years plus now…. and my younger one, Small Brother turned 4 today. I never thought with my condition, someone is willing to marry me, let alone being a father of 2.

I do not know what Big Sister sees in me, but for willing to selflessly love me for whoever I am, I am forever grateful.

Hell Of A Positive Dude

Another year, another milestone. Not just for me but for the whole family. Small Brother suffers from poor health since he was born, but manage to tide through illnesses like meningitis and serious eczema to become the strong boy he is today.

This extreme positive dude brought so much joy to the family and taught us so much about always looking on the bright side no matter what. Having birthdays at Swensen’s restaurant has been part of our customs since they were born…. probably because of the complimentary Ice-cream for the birthday boys and girls… hee

Celebration At School

And then, we had the second birthday celebration later in the day in his school with his favourite Paw Patrol cake no less! He was certainly overwhelmed with joy.

We are delighted Small Brother got along with all his classmates so well. Everyone was just so happy for him. My boys certainly will be much much more sociable than his Dad… no doubt.

A Promise To Them

My birthdays were rarely celebrated when I was young as my family was not well-off and my Mum has to work tirelessly to support the family. The less I talk about my Dad the better. I promised myself in the past that if I become a Dad in the future, I will give them many many wonderful childhood memories.

Now that I have the privilege of being their father, I will make sure Daddy will always be there to celebrate all their milestones.

I would like to thank Swensens for the great service every time we paid a visit and of course, his school The Enrichment Classroom for patiently educating my children over the years.

I am eternally grateful for the boys who constantly cheer their sulking dad up every day. For them, I shall persist and for them, I will be the best Dad to them for life.

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