Art Exhibition At Queenstown Library Organised By Big Sister

My Big Sister is one amazing lady. She and her team had organised multiple art exhibitions all across Singapore, from shopping malls, marathons, galleries and many many more.

Today, I went over to help her out in setting up her latest exhibition at Queenstown Library. This is her team’s collaboration with NTUC SilverACE where they worked closely with the elders to complete.

I am not alone in helping her. Old Brother’s Mama and Auntie both came along to give their unwavering support. We all woke up super early, brimming with pride and excitement at her latest invention.

She and her amazing team spent days creating this replica of the colourful and symbolic Rocher flats. Each and every window in the flats consist of various resident carrying out with their daily routines. How cute!

Big Sister also spent countless nights preparing all the clay miniatures for exhibitions. All of them represent things that resonate with Singaporeans, from the traditional foods like Ang Koo Kueh, to nostalgic food carts from the 80s.

Wow, Big Sister even made a big bowl of Clay Laksa! They look so realistic that I am afraid someone might mistaken them as real food and gobble them up!

Here, they educate library goers about the differents type of coffee Singaporeans typically order in coffee shops! Each coffee pack is made of clay! I finally am able to tell the difference between Kopi O Gao and Kopi O Kosong after this!

Above is the overview of the Clay Art Exhibition. I am so proud of her and her team, working day and night to ensure a successful exhibition. Big Sister is simply awesome!

Do read more about her Muzart team by click on the link here.

And do support NTUC Silverace’s efforts at empowering the Singapore Elderly. Read more about them at this link.

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