AEON Mall Bandar Dato’ Onn Johor Visit

Big Sister and I had to visit Johor for some work, and we decide to pay a visit to the Aeon Mall at Bandar Dato Onn.

Aeon malls are a staple of Johor Bahru when it comes to malls, just like Capitamalls is in Singapore. They are simply everywhere. This branch at Dato Onn is certainly one of the newer malls out there. The best thing about visit this place on a weekday is that you will feel like a VIP!

Major malls in Singapore rarely feel this spacious. The crowd thankfully is missing during the weekdays, so we can have a quiet and relaxing time walking around.

Upon reaching the mall, we search for a place to have our lunch and we decide to stop by Kuu by Tea Garden to have a quick bite. I decide to have my favourite Drumstick Nasi Lemak while Big Sister opt for the Braised Chicken Rice. I can say the food is really nice and affordable.

After filling our stomach and walking around doing some window shopping, Big Sister brought me to a huge shop selling Art Materials. It is called VC Art and boy does it have a wide range of Art related products for sale.

The shop is huge, selling almost anything you can imagine in an Art shop. It is just like the Art Friend outlet in Singapore, just that it is much more compact and certainly huge for a shop in a mall.

Paint, canvas, stationaries, brushes, palettes… you name it, they have it. Big Sister was literally going nuts over there! I have to stop her from purchasing too much. Price-wise, they are certainly much cheaper than in Singapore. VC Art also conducts regular workshops in the shop itself.

This is the shop we spent the most time in at Aeon, before we round off the visit with a visit to their departmental shops and supermarket for some quick shopping.

If you wish to visit an Aeon mall in Johor and stay away from the crowds, this branch in Dato Onn, although smaller but surely has anything you need. Big Sister and I certainly had an awesome time here.

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