I am Runner Kao, an avid Singapore runner and businessman. Daily grinding of work and stress has plunged me into a mental and physical health crisis… until I decided to take back control of my health with daily running, workouts and proper food choice.

Running Transformation

In a matter of months, I witness the benefits that regular running had brought to my health. Accompanied with discipline food choices, I managed to transform myself and take back control of my health. Not only did I become much healthier, but I also lost more than 12kg and develop abs for the first time in my life!

Starting A Running Youtube Channel

In August 2019, I decided to purchase a GoPro Camera, start recording my run and upload them to Youtuber. I was thinking while undergoing my transformation journey, why not I inspire other people to do the same as well. By sharing my experiences of what had given me a second lease of life, I might be able to change people’s lives too. Even if only one person had benefitted, it is worth my effort.

Love For Running In Races

I started to join running races to ensure my love for running will not be diminished. With a target to aim for and timings to meet, I became much more focus and discipline, constantly doing research on how I can become a better runner.

Now armed with structured training plans, proven strategies and recommended running forms, I manage to become a much happier and faster runner. More importantly, I am able to steer clear of any serious injuries that had plagued a lot of runners.

From a recreation runner running at slow speeds, I am now able to finish in the top 2% consistently in most races.

Advocate for Running

Through joining races and connecting with other runners in various social media platforms, I had the honour and chance to advocate for many meaningful initiatives through running. This includes helping to raise money for charities, promoting kindness on the roads and raising awareness for mental and physical health issues.

Running Traveller

Nowadays, I take part in races run wherever I go. Being overseas for work or holidays does not give me an excuse to be lazy. I also record my running travels and upload them to share with folks online

I had chosen to prioritise health and family over anything and it shall remain this way for life.

Running is my therapy and I hope it will be your therapy too.