6 Things We Did At Jewel Changi Airport

The Brothers finally jumped onto the hype train after the initial crowds at the Jewel Changi Airport has cleared. We initially wanted to go for the preview but we could not find the time. Moreover, we stayed at the extreme west of Singapore! An hour drive get to anywhere in Singapore will surely put anyone off!

But here we are, finally at a place where we are always number 1 in the world. Without Jewel, our Changi Aiport was already number 1. With this extension, I do not think the competitors can even come close! That is because the “little” extension mall that they did was beyond crazy!

As this was a quick visit due to the lack of time, the brothers only manage to do a few things.

1. Eat At The Hidden Foodcourt

Changi Airport Jewel Foodcourt

From the naked eye, we are unable to find the food court, despite the directory insisting there is one. We, the trusty Singaporeans trust that the directory is trustworthy due to the high standards of Singapore malls.

We were right! The main entrance was wall hidden by multiple eateries blocking its path. It was as if the mall design was to get the shoppers to fill their stomach first before they manage to uncover the secret entrance!

Changi Airport Jewel Five Spice

For a family with budget constraints, we manage to overcome all temptations to reach the Food Court without eating any of the fancy food around us! YEAH!

Whenever we reach any Food Courts in Singapore, we always look for the longest queue as a gauge to see which food is the most popular. This time, it is the Malay Food stall that saw a little snake of a queue. We ordered that and boy were we disappointed. The stall at my void deck tastes so much better 🙁 and cheaper too. To be fair, the price is not crazy though.

Changi Airport Jewel Malay Food

However, we were determined not to let our initial disappointment set us back. After we had filled our stomach, it is time to visit the iconic waterfall!

2. Visit The Waterfall So Many People Keep Posting on Instagram

Changi Airport Jewel Touching the waterfall
Changi Airport Jewel Drinking the water
Changi Airport Jewel Rain Vortex

The pictures I saw across the social media platforms does not do it justice. The experience of being at the actual location versus seeing online was incomparable. We literally had goosebumps all over our body.

They called it The HSBC Rain Vortex. We called it “How in the freaking hell did you build such a thing in a freaking mall?” Lack of tourist attractions in Singapore? Why not we create one? One word sums it all up: “Mesmerizing”

3. There is a Freaking Forest in an Airport?

Changi Airport Jewel Forest

As if the place could not get more phenomenal, we were greeted by the Forest Valley within the Changi Airport Jewel Mall. Do they allow camping here? I would love to sleep here for a night and explore everything!

I love nature and I am shocked that the plants here are all real! The efforts to maintain this place will definitely be a challenge. We will surely be back for the hiking trail next time. YES, you can drop all your luggage and go for a hiking trail in the Airport. Great for people who dreads the heat in Singapore.

4. Walk Around Like Tourists

Changi Airport Jewel Shopping

We are like tourists travelling to a new place at a new country. We keep getting lost walking around. From having a chuckle at the long queues at A&W Restaurant to marveling at some of the mega large brand setting up camp in Jewel, everyone was having a blast.

5. Hang Around at the Pokemon Centre

If there was any shop that the Brothers must visit at the Jewel, it is the Pokemon Centre! We are big fans of the Pokemon Go Game and were therefore naturally exciting to see some of our favourite characters coming to life in fluffy form!

The brothers even have a Pokemon Go gym battle at the centre fighting against other teams. Snorlex was definitely the favourite as it is so good to hug.

6. Catch a Movie at the Airport

Jewel Cinema
Movie Popcorn

For the first time in our lives, we caught a movie in the Airport. Prices are the same as any regular malls in Singapore, but the experience was surreal. The seats were so comfy and the theaters out of this world.

What better than to watch the mega movie Avengers Endgame at the Jewels. And of course, with a large popcorn in tow.

We wished we had more time as the place due to the sheer size of it. There were still so many parts left unexplored.

For those people still staring at the photos in Instagram, you better come experience it yourself. My jaws were still opened by the time I had reached home. Changi Airport has outdo itself again…

Read more about Jewel Changi Aiport at it’s official website here.

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