400m Intervals x 12 sets

Weekly interval training has helped me improve my running speed and stamina.

It helps my body learn to burn lactic acid more efficiently, allowing me to run longer before fatigue sets in. Intervals are of a short burst of speed with rest in between the sets.

It served to improve my VO2max as well as my lactic threshold. Interval sessions can consist of multiple distances, like 200m, 400m, 800m, 1k and even 3-5k per set, depending on one’s comfort and training goal.

Upon recovery from the hard running session, I always manage to become a stronger runner, becoming faster and achieve better timings.

Ever since I had incorporate intervals in my weekly training runs, I had improved by leaps and bounds, becoming from a 6min pace runner to now being able to run 4min pace in races. I had managed to PB across all distances from the 5k to the 21k and also manage to achieve Gold for my IPPT test with a 9min+ timing for my 2.4km.

In this video, I did 12 sets of 400m intevals, with an aim at improving my 2.4k, 5k and 10k speed. Enjoy!

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