18km – Longest Single Run In A Long Time

Ever since I stopped taking part in races, I had not made efforts to run really long distances. However over the past few weeks, where I started running crazily to heal, my long run distances started to increase and now, it has nearly reached a half marathon.

East Coast Park to GBTB to Sportshub to Marina Bay Sands and Back

Now, I am at around 50-60km per week and I just can’t stop running, just like Forrest Gump. I felt that once I stopped, my healing will also stop. Running is presently the fuel that keeps me going through life.

The good thing about Singapore is that you can run safely anywhere, anytime (well maybe except past midnight). There is certainly no lack of running routes. There is always something new to explore… the natural greeny, another modern new building… loving Singapore more in the process.

One of the benefits is that I have lost 6kg in the process and approaching a healthy BMI. Running is no longer my hobby. It is my super power now.

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