1000 Calories Run To Celebrate 1000 Subscribers – A Thank You Video

To thank you guys for helping me reach the 1000 subscribers milestone, I ran to burn 1000 calories today to celebrate this unique achievement.

Really blessed to have your support in my running journey. This has evolved to become OUR Running Journey instead. I had learnt so much from all of you along the way, things that improve my running, recovery and much much more.

Your encouraging words have come a long way in fueling me to keep me going strong and not be complacent. I am blessed to be able to keep running. Running had benefited me so much, that I hope you will be able to reap the benefits too.

Started this journey 6 months ago with an aim to remain accountable and share all that I know, and to also inspire more folks to pick up running.

Once again, thanks for following my journey and I will continue to produce wonderful running content for you guys.

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