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Welcome to my running site, where I blog and vlog about all things running. I love to video my runs with my trusty GoPro and share them on my Youtube Channel.

They include training, events, races, nutrition, gear reviews and much much more. Through this channel, I also hope to inspire more to pick up running as it had benefitted me so much.

My Running Story

I used to be unfit, leading a sedentary lifestyle with little exercise and consumption of huge amounts of junk food.

Ever since I put on my running shoes, I experienced countless benefits physically and mentally and no longer get sick so easily as compared in the past.

Along the way, I manage to transform my body, losing a total weight of 15kg and got rid of my stubborn tummy, not only feeling better but also look younger, leading a higher quality of life with my family. Running has totally changed my life for the better, that I decided to produce running-related content to inspire more people to pick up running.

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