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I love to run and I love to create content! That is why you might have seen me across many social media platforms like Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram and more.

Through my sharing, I hope to inspire more to priortise their health more, and possibly run more often. However, I also understand that content need to share in an interesting way, so that people won’t find me overly preachy.

My Story

I used to be unfit, leading a sedentary lifestyle with little exercise and consumption of huge amounts of junk food.

Ever since I put on my running shoes, I experienced countless benefits physically and mentally and no longer get sick so easily as compared in the past.


Along the way, I manage to transform my body, losing a total weight of 15kg and got rid of my stubborn tummy, not only feeling better but also look younger, leading a higher quality of life with my family. Running has totally changed my life for the better, that I decided to produce running-related content to inspire more people to pick up running.


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About Me

Despite being successful in my multiple businesses, I was suffering in the health department due to years of neglect. A health crisis in 2019 made me rethink my priorities and I decide to start running.


 Along the way, I decide to document my running journey across social media including Youtube, Instagram and TikTok, to inspire others to do the same as well. With determination and consistency, I manage to turn my life around and now work with several agencies to promote positivity,

Encounter with Followers


After creating content for some time, I had the pleasure to work with some prominent brands to help them bring awareness to their brand, services, event and products. Feel free to reach out to me for collabs.

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Feel free to drop me a message if you think we can work on something together, or even just to say hi.